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 To His Coy Mistress Four Levels And Question Answers 

To His Coy Mistress Four Levels
Andrew Marvell

Four Levels of To His Coy Mistress            
                                                     -Andrew Marvell

This is a fine love poem composed by 17th century famous poet Andrew Marvell. In this pоеm the poet has nicely presented the enticement of a lover to his shy beloved for having physical relation.

The speaker of this poem is in a deep love with his coy beloved. She is very shy and unwilling to celebrate romantic love. Therefore he is  cunningly seducing her to enjoy the pleasures of love instantly when they are young. He argues if they had enough time and long life they could spend time by talking about love. She would keep herself busy in finding the rubbies and he would keep on trying to convince her confessing his love. He would let their vegetable love grow like empires and spend 100 of years praising her eyes and ages appreciating each and every part of her body. She really deserves infinite praise and he wouldn't underestimate her love.

But since time's hurrying chariot is behind them, all their expectations can not be met. She is sure to lose her beauty in the course of time. Her beauty will not be found in her grave where warms will try to destroy her long preserved virginity. Her honour will turn into dust and they will no longer be able to embrace each other and make love there.

Therefore, the coyness of his beloved is not justifiable since there is no meaning of making love after death. Instead, they should make the best of their love when they are young. Now their bodies have the youthful color and their Souls have the fire of desire. They have to utilize this time and fulfill their desires rolling all their strength and sweetness into one ball. In this way they can cross the iron gates of life, challenge the power of time, and though they can not stop it, they can lead their life with the speed of the sun.

The writer might be intending to tell us that time and tide waits for none. Everything should be accomplished on time. Our life is short and youth is even shorter. Beauty doesn't last forever. Love can be enjoyed the best when we are young and energetic. So we should make love while we are in the prime of youth.

It is a crazy romantic love poem. The poet is making an argument. His argument begins with a hypothetical condition along with the presentation of the reality of human life and ends with the justification of his proposal. However, some critics might point out the excessive emphasis given physical love. The poem seems to have devalued selfless, ideal, platonic love which goes beyond physical contact.

After reading this poem I realized that we should make love when we are young.Women should not preserve their virginity because it is useless when they grow old. Moreover we should complete our task on time because time and tide waits for none.

Question Answers of To His Coy Mistress

Q.1. Interpret the poem "To His Coy Mistress" as a romantic love poem.
The poem "To His Coy Mistress" is speaker's plea for romantic affair. Explain.
How is the speaker trying to convince his beloved to play the game of love in the poem?

ANSWER : This romantic love poem is composed by Andrew Marvell. The poet is in deep ocean of love and praises the value of his beloved very much.

The poet wishes if he had enough time, he would sit and spend a lot of time with his beloved. He would spend plenty of time to praise either her head or eyes or breast. He would spend unlimited time with his beloved. But, at his back the poet is listening that the vehicle of time is running quickly telling that beauty and youth are matters of decay. With the passage of time, everything will get damaged. So, the speaker requests his beloved to be according to the demand of time because they can't stop the sun from moving. It is the request of the speaker to be united and burn the light of love in time because it is sure and certain that their youth and beauty becomes meaningless thing after death. No one will praise her beauty in the grave. Whatever they have do, they must do in right time.

The poem may be trying to show that we should do everything in time because time is going on with its movement. If the time and poet's beloved were same for ever, there would not be any hurry to make love and celebrate it. If the beauty and youth lasted longer, there would not be any tension in becoming hurry. This shows that the poet seems to be a bit crazy in love. He seems to be in sensual love which is fully related to emotions, feelings and imaginations. We may raise some questions that we are disagreeing: Are youth and beauty only for love? Can not old people be in love? Are youth and beauty for sex? This shows that the poet is madly in love.

No doubt, in love affair there must be faith, trust and beauty. Since love is life, it is a combination of two souls. It shouldn't be artificial one. Time changes everything but love never dies. Love is not only for sexual desire but it is a matter of soul not of the skin.

Q.2. Summarize the poem "To His Coy Mistress" in a single sentence.

ANSWER : The speaker of the poem is strongly requesting to his shy beloved to be
ready to celebrate the romantic love affair because time is not waiting to anyone and her youthful beauty which will also be lost that is why he is not able to wait any longer otherwise he would spend thousands of years for praising all parts of her body.


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