Stickeen - Four Levels | John Muir | Mero Solution

                                       - John Muir (1838-1914)

Compare and contrast between stickeen and shep's hobby

John Muir's story 'Stickeen' is about the bravery and wisdom of a small dog named stickeen in the exploration of the icy region of Alaska. he used to be slow and motionless. in this story, the writer shows the adventurous journey of stickeen and his own. when Muir was away, stickeen followed him and Muir also followed the hunter. other time he aloof and in different one Stormy day stickeen accompanied Muir . the level of a flood was hitting on their faces. they went to the west shore of glacier and on the return trip, there were many dangerous crevasses . it was difficult for the writer to cross them but stickeen crossed easily. he was calm and following Muir. finally, they were trapped in the place surrounded by a near of 50 foot wide crevasses . the writer made small steps on the vertical wall and across the silver bridge. on the other side, he had also made steps on the vertical wall to climb up. Thus, he went across. but stickeen wisely know the risk while crossing the crevasses through the sliver bridge.He ran ,mourned and grieved. the writer encouraged and warned him to cross . finally, he tried to cross it very carefully and succeeded . then he was completely changed. he showed  uncontrollable joy. he sobbed,cried, shouted and screamed. then, they reached safely . he never wants to be left to the writer and always look at his face as if he were his God. after the trip was over he was taken by his master and later stolen by a tourist. Muir would not forget him.
This story may be trying to tell us that animal are also sensible and rational. They also have emotions, fears, desires, happiness like human beings. They are capable of facing the challenged of life perhaps the big lesson of the story is that difficulties and hardships are the true learning of human life .Also if we are in danger place we should not feel hopeless but we used our idea, experience .
The beautiful story has many points which are  unacceptable to us .why do people explore such remote place by putting their lives in danger ? Don't they die of cold when they are wet in the icy cold region ?Can an animal express its happiness as stickeen has expressed? otherwise this story is really impressive. It make us feel as if we are with the writer making the journey.
After reading this story , i have learned many things about glacier & the weather there.I came to know that life is covered with many problems.we should not loose our hope . We should use our idea while solving the problems .I also knew that friendship and gratitude are equally found in animals.

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