BBA English-II (PU) very Short Question Answers from Adventure in English and Business Result

English-II BBA/BBA-BI (Pokhara University)

Very Short Important Question Answers From All Chapters including Business Result :

1.Are we sane towards nature?
= No we are not sane towards nature. We are using the natural resources unnecessarily. We are polluting natural resources such as air water land everyday. Thus we are not giving proper care to the environment.

2.Why do you think the poet calls the trees as "dead" mothers?
= I think the poet call the trees as dead mothers because the trees cannot speak and make complaint to our misbehaviour. Instead they quietly perform the motherly duties. They protect us from sun and rain ; provide us shade, shelter, fruits and flowers.

3.What are the motherly duties enumerated in the poem "Don't cut down the trees, brother
= The motherly duties enumerated in the poem " Don't cut down the trees, brother woodcutter" are that they always protect us from negative or harmful things, they provide us food, they always love and care us, they are worried about us , they protect, support and nourish us.

4. What are the characteristics of a properly conducted experiment?
= The characteristics of a properly conducted experiment are :
a) It should be carried out carefully and systematically.
b) There should be proper experimental control.
c) There should be valid questions.
d) There is no confusion in cause and effect.
e) Result should be observed properly.

5.What does the poet want to convey through the poem "King John and the Abbot of Canterbury?"
= The poet wants to give us the moral that wit or intelligence leads to the solution of problems. The poem also wants to tell that practical knowledge is more instrumental than bookish knowledge to settle the problems of life. This poem also means that truth wins ultimately.

6. Why was King John jealous with the Abbot?
= As the king john heard of the fame and popularity of the Abbot and living prosperous life, King becomes jealous with the Abbot.

7. Do you agree with the narrator of the "Third Thoughts" that buying and selling are perfectly a straight forward matter between dealer and customer?
= Yes I agree with the narrator of the "Third Thoughts" that buying and selling are perfectly a straight forward matter between dealer and customer. The dealer asks as much as he can extort, and the customer, having paid it, is under no obligation whatever to the dealer. There is no space for emotion in business. There is no need to share profit to anyone.

8. Why does the narrator choose to destroy the envelope and contents in the "Third Thoughts?"
= He wants to share 50% of his profit to the dealer. But at last he wants to send just a pound to the dealer.Then after he went to club and played bridge(cards) and lost all money including the money in the envelope for dealer. So the narrator destroy the envelope.

9. Why was the uncle dissatisfied with his kitten?
=The uncle was dissatisfied with his kitten because the kitten was not able to catch the mice, even the mouse was trapped inside the mouse trap. Also, instead of catching mice, the kitten was afraid with mice.

10. Is the old veteran of the poem "The Clock Tower" happy with his present situation? Why?
= I don't think that the old veteran is happy with his present situation because he is old now and no old can be happy in his old age. No one talk to him. He feels lonely. So he is not happy.

11. Is skepticism advantageous? Why?
= Yes it is advantageous Because skepticism can help to be more honest and realistic with ourselves and with other people. It saves us from the cheater.

12. What is the main theme of the story "Mr. Know All?"
= The main theme of the story is prejudice. From the start of the story narrator expresses his prejudice against mr keleda for no logical reason. Also another theme of the story is that we should not judge anyone from their appearance. Outer cover can never represents the inner reality.

13. Why Max Kelada was called Mr. Know All?
= Max keleda was called Mr. Know All because he seemed to know everything and was involved in everything. He discussed about plays, pictures, and politics. In three days, he knew everyone on board. He is very talkative. His talkative nature became intolerable to others. So, they ironically called him Mr. Know All.

14. How can we avoid silly errors according to Bertrand Russell?
=According to Bertrand Russell, we can avoid silly errors by following rules.
a) observation
b) compare opinion with opponents' opinions
c) Read the newspaper of opponent party.
d) Have discussion with others holding different opinion
e) travelling
f) Be engaged in imaginary conversation
g) Avoid fear.

15. How do you characterize Mr. Newbold?
= Mr. Newbold is the roomer of Mrs. Crosby, the landlady. He is so unusual and unnatural. He is always too much neat and clean. He doesn't want to share is privacy to anyone. At last of the drama he becomes aggressive and kills the landlady, mrs. Crosby.

16. What complaints does Mr. Newbold have? What particular things were discovered from his tiny closet?
= Mr Newbold has complain that someone is trying to open his room. He ask his landlady, Mrs. Crosby not to let anyone open his room because as long as he lives there it is his own room.
Dozens of beautiful hats and hats knitting machines were discovered from his tiny closet.

17. What is message of the drama "The Tiny Closet?"
= The writer is trying to give us message that too much curiosity about others life could be harmful. It also reveals that the feeling of superiority always creates conflict.

18. Express your attitude towards love.
= In my point of view Love is feeling of belongingness towards other. Without love, we can't imagine the existence of world. It is the way of sharing one another's happiness or sadness. It is the encounter of two souls.

19. What is the great answer given in the "The Great Answer?"
= The great answer given in the " The great Answer" is that we should help others selflessly. Helping others selflessly is helping us. We get new energy, power of living and hopes if we do selfless help to others who are in problem.

20. Why were the villagers unhappy with the nymph?
= The villagers were unhappy with the nymph because they blamed nymph for destroying the penance of the sage.

21. What idea does B. P. Koirala try to communicate in the story "A Tale?"
= the story "A Tale" ,B.P Koirala might be trying to show the importance of bodily pleasures. The popular social view that one must give up earthly pleasures to attain sainthood is mistaken here. Satisfaction of bodily desires also leads on to happiness and mental peace. Heavenly pleasure can be achieved by living domestic life, helping neighbors and loving your family members.

22. List down the psychological stages people typically go through once they know they are soon to die.
= Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

23. Is multitasking a time saver or a time waster?
= multitasking is time waster for the simple reason that we can't focus effectively on more than one important task at a time. it can lower the quality of our work. we try to do two things or more at a time, and the result is that we do everything less well. So the quality of our work suffers and the chance of committing mistake is also high. So multitasking is time waster rather than time saver.

24. What is e-recruitment?
= E-recruitment, also known as online recruitment refers to using cloud-based recruitment software, web-based resources and other technology to find, attract, interview and hire new personnel. The purpose of e-recruitment is to make recruiting processes more efficient and less expensive

25. What is word of mouth advertising?
= Word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising is the technique of promoting a product, service or business by conveying positive comments from satisfied customers. It can take place directly using the human voice, or can be transmitted via any communicative means such as through internet or via text message as well.

26. What does the poet in the poem 'Where the mind is without fear' mean by 'narrow domestic walls?'
= Narrow domestic walls means divisions or conflicts which is created because of religious differences.

27. Why do many people decide to change their career path?
= There can be various reasons behind changing career path. Some of the reasons are:
a) dissatisfaction in profession
b) low salary
c) family problem
d) priority change etc.

28. What are some training courses for personal development at work?
= There are different training courses for personal development at work. Some of the trainings are as follows:
a) time management
b) motivate employees
c) communication skills
d) Technical skills etc.

29. What global issues are in the news at the moment?
= The global issues that are in the news at the moment are :
a) Global warming
b) unemployment
c) pandemic
d) Population growth
e) energy crisis

30. How can we evaluate a company's performance?
= We can evaluate a company's performance by considering following factors:
a) sales and profitability
b) social reputation
c) Environment performance
d) job satisfaction

31. Name any four corporate events.
=  Name of four corporate events are :
a) Concert
b) Golf events
c) Team building events
d) product lunch events

32. What are some green initiatives?
= Some green initiatives are :
Recycling the things, reducing carbon footprints ,  less consume water resources , o repairing and recycling old vehicles , using public transport , less paper work etc.

33. Name any six forms of advertising.
= Name of any six forms of advertising are : Press advertising, online advertising, out door advertising, direct mailing , word of mouth advertising , Television advertising.

34. Why do people travel on business?
= People travel on business; to attain business meeting, annual conference , to develop the relationship with different people etc.

35. Enumerate any six rules for good customer service.
= six rules for good customer service are :
a) Listen to our customer and clients
b) know how to apologise
c) Don't make promise you can't keep
d) Be helpful, even if there's no immediate profit
e) Deal with complaints
f) Fix your mistakes

36. What are some job benefits apart from salary?
= Some job benefits apart from salary are :
Pension scheme, mobile phone ,company car, health insurance, sick leave, travel and spending expenses etc.

37. Why do people visit several companies?
= People visit several companies because :
a) To learn something
b) To adopt new technology
c) To improve customer service
d) To know the system of the company

38. Do you think it's better to work for a large or a small company?
= I think it's better to work for a large company because of these reasons :
a) there is highly developed system
b) There are a lots of facilities
c) It gives festival bonus
d) Easy to work due to highly developed technology.

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